Diet Plays An Important Role In All The Bodily Changes That Take Place.

The first cause is hormonal and the second is physical. The results of the above-mentioned methods will also depend upon the elasticity of your skin and your age, so be patient and follow them regularly for the best desired results. It is said that ex foliating the skin, just before application of lemon juice may be more effective in getting rid of stretch marks. Nothing has yet been introduced to remove stretch marks completely. The oil is very thick, dark green and has a slight fragrance similar to that of the green fruit. As a result, the fibrous tissue present in the middle layer of the skin gets broken, and the skin loses its natural elastic properties. Even though oxygen is an essential component for the existence of our life, its free radicals have high reactivity, and are toxic in nature. Instead, try to live with your stretch marks, as the effect they have is purely psychological. As mentioned earlier, urine normally does not contain a significant number of microbes.

Contrary to popular belief, men are just as affected by them as women. For men, stretch marks are often hidden by body hair and thats why its easy to think that women mainly get them. Besides pregnancy as acause of stretch marks among women, the reasons both men and women get stretch marks are the same. Some of the causes include quick weight gain and going through growth spurts among teenagers which expand thebody in a short span of time not giving the skin enough time to adjust. Weight lifters and body builders are also quite prone to stretch marks as their skin is often stretched on top of muscles that are developing quickly. Physical altering of the body isnot the only cause of stretch marks they can also develop as a result of some medical conditions. READ MORE: Grooming gadgets you probably didnt know existed Marfan syndrome, Cushings disease and even diabetes have been cited as conditions that can make stretch marks develop on ones body. The question then is how do you get rid of stretch marks? Well, while its unlikely that you can remove stretch marks permanently, there are ways that you can dramatically decrease their visibility.

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Since centuries, it has been used to treat problems as common and minor as a cough and cold, to complex problems like Alzheimer's disease. It is also one of the most critical phases of her life and also that of the unborn inside her. Even healing of these tears does not rectify the condition, as the collagen fibbers fail to align properly, leading to stretch marks. So, if your urine culture and urinalysis results are indicative of this condition, consult a urologist and follow your doctor's advice. They are nothing but the outcome of stretching of the skin beyond its elasticity limit within a short period. Pruritic Folliculitis of Pregnancy This type of pregnancy rash is similar to prurigo of pregnancy. You can also mix the ground coffee beans with honey. This oil is equally effective on stretch marks. Consuming a nutritious diet is essential for the development of collagen fibbers in the skin. Diet plays an important role in all the bodily changes that take place.

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